How about the printing technology of 3D printing factory?

One floor is built on the other. Some shapes, such as a square body, are supported on the surface, and the top should be successfully printed, and supporting materials are required.

Many companies are using 3D printing technology, and 3D printing models are an indispensable link in the process of new product development and product replacement. The 3D printing prototype can directly reflect the creativity of product design and can be checked. The appearance, avoid the risk of mold, shorten the product cycle, thereby helping customers create products with new shapes and reasonable structures. A 3D printer is a device that can print real 3D objects, such as printing robots, printing toy cars, printing various models and even food. The reason why it is called a printer is based on the technical principles of ordinary printers because of the process I of hierarchical processing. Very similar to inkjet printing. 3D printing is based on digital model files, using powdered metal or plastic to construct objects through layer-by-layer printing. 3D printing is gradually being used for the direct manufacturing of certain products, and parts printed using this technology have been used.

Footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering, automotive, aviation, medicine, education, civil engineering and other fields. Three-dimensional lithography in three-dimensional printing: All parts printed by photo-curing technology have the best details and the smoothest surface. When a variety of nano-material hybrid materials are applied to this technology, the products it prints can cover many different fields, from medical models to ear stethoscopes, from orthodontics to car models for wind tunnel tests, and various Tools and precision instruments. The 3d printing model only compares the cost-effective area of ​​traditional handmade products with fewer materials and complicated structures, but the cost of 3d printing is too high.

Even if we have a professional 3D printing plant, we cannot compare the number of prototype workshops. In addition to prototype manufacturers using 3D printing prototypes, scientists around the world are studying the use of 3D printers to create simple living tissues, such as skin and muscles. One day, we can produce large human organs such as kidney and liver. With more and more technological advancements, the number of people using 3D printing at home will increase, which will further reduce the purchase cost and make it more widely used. NG will be able to innovate in technology, materials, technology and other aspects, so that everyone can easily use 3d printing.

3D printing service The 3D printing hand model file with STL suffix is ​​the standard file of 3D printing, and almost all rapid prototype machines can be printed in the format of STL file. Prototype processing skills Water tightness-3D printing service requires STL files to be waterproof. The best explanation for watertightness is a solid without volume. As mentioned above, even if the entity of your design has been completed, it is likely that the hole is still not noticed in the model. Layer thickness-3d printing technology is an important indicator, which is the thickness of the layer. Generally speaking, the thinner the layer, the higher the accuracy, but the longer the time spent, the thicker the slice, the thicker the slice, and the smaller the details.

SS may be ignored, this is a parameter that needs careful adjustment. Prototype processing skills 3d printing materials-different 3d printing technologies use different printing materials, common ones are: plastic, photosensitive resin, red wax, etc., are all available. Supporting materials-every 3D printing technology requires supporting materials to support the skin of the model. In a simple way, any geometric shapes printed are accumulated on one layer.

One floor is built on the other. Some shapes, such as a square body, are supported on the surface, and the top should be successfully printed, and supporting materials are required.