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At present, 3D printing technology has been initially applied to industries such as industrial creative product design, film and television animation, leisure tourism cultural product design, digital publishing, and its general application will have a greater impact on the cultural creative industry. With the advancement of technology and the increasing popularity of the Internet, 3D printing technology will increasingly become a tool for the DIY production process. All these developments have contributed to almost everyone being a designer and manufacturer, and the boundary between manufacturers and consumers It will become more and more ambiguous, realize the personalized design thinking and expression needs of ordinary people, and truly achieve national creativity and national creativity.

Theme Playground (3D Printing)

Customer Request:Reduce the production cost of display products; smooth surface, clear features, convenient for subsequent painting and coloring; shorten the model forming cycle, and meet the project bidding time requirements

PTJ Solution

  • 1. Using light-curing SLA3d printing molding technology, the molding speed is fast, and the surface of the product is smooth after completion

  • 2. Because there is no requirement for product performance, ordinary domestic photosensitive resin materials are used to reduce printing costs

  • 3. The longest end of the model size is 1.2m. In order to shorten the molding time, multiple devices are used for split printing and stitching

  • 4. Select the corner of the splicing place, dovetail buckle interface, the seam is hidden and the strength is high

In Conclusion

  • 1. 2 3d printing equipment, it takes 3 days to complete the 3d printing forming part

  • 2. Complete splicing and assembly work in 2-3 hours

3D Printing Linglong Ball

Customer Request

  • 1. It is not necessary to assemble and form at one time, reducing assembly costs

  • 2. Multi-layer nested balls can rotate independently to meet creative requirements

  • 3. Personalized customization in small batches to meet short-term delivery needs

PTJ Solution

  • 1. Using SLS selective laser sintering technology, it can be formed at one time without supporting structure

  • 2. The shaft hole is matched with a proper clearance to ensure the cleaning requirements and flexible rotation

  • 3. Single-layer processing of words can be placed 25 pieces, 75 pieces can be printed and delivered within 24 hours