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Turnkey additive manufacturing services allowing for complex geometries to be designed, and manufactured in prototype up through production runs. Two types of 3D printing processes offered, FFF and resin. FFF printing capabilities: build volume: 11.5x11.5x13 in. (290x290x330mm), resolution: X/Y 100 microns, Z 50 microns, 20+ material options. Resin printing capabilities: build volume: 4.7x2.6x6.1 in. (119x66x154mm), resolution: X/Y 50 microns, Z 10 microns, 5+ material options. Engineering materials include a wide array of use cases, such as high strength/impact, chemically resistant, high temperature resistant, and electrically safe.

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3D Printing Auspicious Beast Seal

Prototype 3d Printing Resin Model

Ancient Carnivorous Dragon 3d Printing Model

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