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We Provide Professional One-stop Additive Manufacturing Services

Additive manufacturing post processing services provided. Capabilities include natural, standard, standard and external, standard and all, primed, presentation, clear, improved clear, clear bottle and USP Class VI finishes.Capabilities include polishing, painting, plating, metallizing, static dissipative coating and EMI shielding.


After the sample is printed, there are fine textures on the surface. Customers who have requirements for the surface finish of the sample can choose to polish and polish. The shape and quality parts society uses manual polishing of the surface texture to meet the customer's surface requirements. Transparent samples can be processed Corresponding polishing operation to improve transparency and light transmittance.

Surface Closed

According to the customer's watertight and airtight sample requirements, the special layer solvent is used to coat the surface of the FDM sample, which can achieve the effect of completely sealing the surface of the sample, and fully meet the requirements of water tightness and airtightness of the sample.

Stress Relief

For special materials such as nylon 12 and Digital-ABS, in order to meet the higher requirements of customers, the shape-quality parts society adopts a stress relief method to make the internal molecules of the material tighter, which can improve the strength and temperature resistance of the material.

Inlaid Copper Nuts

According to the customer's assembly requirements, the protective screw sleeve can be embedded in the copper stud by hot-melting at the screw fastening position, or the protective screw sleeve can be embedded in the tapping method, which has reached the customer's long-term use or repeated disassembly and assembly requirements.

Silk Screen

Customers only need to provide vector files or PDF files, color numbers, silk screen positions and other information. Xingyou Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can provide screen printing services such as patterns, text or symbols according to customer requirements.

Spray Paint

Customers have spray painting requirements for appearance samples. Xingyou Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can spray paint according to the color number provided by the customer and provide the following six options:

Matte Paint

Spray the paint surface according to the provided color number,Non-reflective effect, and provide matte texture options

High Gloss Paint

Spray the paint surface according to the provided color number,It has a reflective effect and the paint is smooth.

Imitation Plating Paint

Modulated by special materials, the surface of the electroplating paint has a metallic luster effect, replacing the electroplating effect.


Specifically for transparent samples, the transparency of transparent samples can be improved by spraying varnish.

Rubber Paint

Rubber Paint Sprayed, the surface of the sample has flexible texture, which can simulate the surface coating effect, suitable for hand-held samples.

Leather Paint

Sprayed with texture paint, the surface of the sample has a leather texture effect, which is suitable for samples that require a leather-like appearance.

SLA 3D Printing

Great for accurate aesthetic models and rapid prototyping. A precise laser cures a liquid resin in the build chamber building accurate parts one layer at a time. 

SLS 3D Printing

Great for functional rapid prototypes and low-volume end-use parts. Here a precision laser fuses powder material together one layer at a time, to build accurate and strong nylon parts.

FDM 3D Priting

Different industries need different solutions to maximize their target efficiency. FDM 3D printing technology can build durable and powerful prototypes that can withstand rigorous testing.

PolyJet 3D Printing

PolyJet technology is known for its excellent fidelity and amazing beauty. The working principle of this technology is similar to traditional inkjet printing, but instead of jetting ink onto paper, the print head jets liquid photopolymer onto the build tray..

DMLS 3D Printing

DMLS directly uses high-energy laser to melt the metal powder for deposition, while sintering and solidifying the powdered metal material and automatically stacking layer by layer to generate dense geometrical solid parts.

Post Processing

Post-processing mainly deals with the surface of the workpiece to achieve a certain degree of smoothness and brightness, eliminates surface stress and internal stress, so that the subsequent processes can be carried out smoothly.