Electronic Field 3D Printing Services

We Provide Professional One-stop Additive Manufacturing Services

Industrial additive manufacturing (3D printing) services. Rapid and functional prototypes, design models, visual aids, jigs and fixtures, injection molds, end-of-arm tooling, part carriers, casting patterns and core boxes can be manufactured. Capabilities include surface smoothing, hole sizing, machining, reverse engineering, scanning and file conversion. Industries served include aerospace and defense, automotive and consumer.

New Generation Connector Products

Customer Request:

  • Printing material: ULTEM 9085

  • Lead time: 2 days

  • Sample use: structure, function, performance test

PTJ Solution

The connector meets the use of 1000V, 200A use environment, the material reaches UL-94V0 fire resistance, and the strength requirements are high. On the premise that the product has not been finalized, it is impossible to provide samples by open-mold production, and the original sample production supplier cannot provide the corresponding materials to meet the technical requirements. PTJ used ULTEM9085 material to make samples and deliver them to customers. After 7 days of various tests, the samples met the design requirements and helped the customer win the final order.

Commercial Service Robot Shell

Customer Request

  • Printing material: ABS-M30

  • Lead time: 5 days

  • Prototype use: function, structure test and display prototype

PTJ Solution

The service robot shell customized by Saudi customers is made of ABS-M30 material, which is divided into multiple sections for printing, and the printing is completed for splicing and painting. Help customers complete the entire prototype production at a lower cost. This prototype is used by customers for structural, assembly and functional verification. After the test was completed, the customer took the prototype to the exhibition and achieved a good display effect.